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Our mission is to develop and distribute high-quality structural engineering learning content that is accessible to students worldwide. We aim to empower learners with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in their studies and beyond.

Global Reach

Our educational resources have been utilized by students from all corners of the globe. The increasing demand for online learning content highlights the universal need for accessible and effective educational tools. Our user base spans multiple continents, showcasing the global impact of our innovative approach to structural engineering education.

Structural Analysis Course

Our comprehensive Structural Analysis course is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of fundamental and advanced concepts. Enroll now and join a growing community of learners who are enhancing their skills and knowledge. A Udemy version of the course is also available.

Online Quizzes

We are developing a series of interactive online quizzes to enhance students' learning experience. These quizzes will provide instant feedback and reinforce understanding of key concepts. Try our sample quiz on zero-force members and explore our interactive tutor for identifying zero-force members in trusses.

Zero-force Member Quiz

Providing instant feedback to help students reinforce their understanding of zero-force members in truss structures.

Zero-force Member Tutor

An interactive tool designed to help students identify and understand zero-force members in truss structures.

Our YouTube Channel

Explore our extensive library of video lectures on our YouTube channel. These videos cover a wide range of topics in structural engineering, providing clear explanations and practical examples. Subscribe to stay updated with our latest content and enhance your learning experience.

An Interactive Frame Analysis Tool - iFrame

Discover iFrame, an interactive app crafted for students. This tool performs 2D frame structure analysis and delivers a detailed calculation report, enabling students to see both the outcomes and the steps taken. Embrace the innovation of iFrame today.


Watch our video for an overview of iFrame

GitHub DownLoad

Download iFrame from our GitHub repository

Lecture Notes

Our lecture notes have been designed to complement our courses and video lectures. These crafted notes provide additional insights, detailed explanations, and practical examples, ensuring students have all the resources they need to excel in their studies. Download sample lecture notes from our website to explore the depth and breadth of our educational materials.

Experimentation with ChatGPT

We are exploring the potential of AI technology to enhance teaching and learning productivity. One example of our experimentation is using ChatGPT to assess student tests and provide constructive feedback. This approach aims to offer personalized insights and rapid support to students, helping them improve their understanding and performance with the on-demand assistance of this AI tool.

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